Update the Milestone to firmware 2.0.1 with root

Posted on Sun 14 February 2010 in Android • Tagged with android, milestone, root, update

Firmware 2.0.1 is out for all versions of the Milestone since about one week. It seems that Motorola did not patch the exploit that allows us to get root. If that was done intentional, its a huge step for freedom. (if not its just business as usual and …

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HOWTO: Root the Motorola Milestone

Posted on Tue 19 January 2010 in Android • Tagged with android, root, milestone, howto

Finally: root for the milestone! Today at 00:48 am SeraphimSerapis released a modified update.zip witch roots the 2.0 firmware of the Motorola Milestone. In the following I will document the process for rooting my device. This howto is for the Milestone NOT the droid.

Step 1. Getting …

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