Update the Milestone to firmware 2.0.1 with root

Posted on Sun 14 February 2010 in Android

Firmware 2.0.1 is out for all versions of the Milestone since about one week. It seems that Motorola did not patch the exploit that allows us to get root. If that was done intentional, its a huge step for freedom. (if not its just business as usual and the fix came too late or nobody wanted to temper with the recovery partition).

This is my personal report of the update

I did the OTA Update. Some downloading, some message boxes, Some rebooting. Nothing special. First I tested if I still could become root. I couldn't. So I used ADBRecovery (by maui & poseidon) to get root again. I could have used the method I already wrote about , but I wanted to try ADBRecovery.

ADBRecovery can be found here and is a custom update.zip that runs an adbd with a small userland in recoverymode. It can be used to manage files, do a full backup of your phone or to get root access.

I just copied the files provided in the alldoid forum to my sdcard, booted my phone in recoverymode and applied the update.zip. (nothing gets installed it just starts some scripts) Than I connected to my phone via usb and ran "adb shell" in my terminal. BÄM a recoverymode rootshell. Now running "nandroid-mobile.sh --backup" will create a full backup of your phone and running "install_root.sh" will restore the root access. (if you are familiar with busybox and linux shell commands this mode will create a huge smile on your face)

Thats all for now, I had no problems with the update.

Update: Fixed link to adb recovery