UPDATE 3: There was a bug that made it unable to add rom directories. Fixed please redownload gngeo-0.7-xgngeo-r1.pnd

UPDATE 2: With the help of my buddy AlexanderS I modified the gui of xgngeo. There is no rom select dialog anymore. This is now done in the main window. (No fiddeling with the stylus) Roms can now be started by pressing Space or Enter.


UPDATE: I decided that I currently have no time to port rage2x. This will have to wait at least till the exams at my university are over. Rage2x is simply to optimized for the gp2x. Nearly all values for the gui are hardcoded for a smaller resolution. To have a fast solution everybody can use, I added Xgngeo as frontend to the package. I also witched the z80 emulation core from mamez80 to drz80. Have fun.


I wasn't happy with the performance of the neogeo emulation of mame, so i ported gngeo. Currently it uses the same method to select a rom like mame does, but i think i will port one of the frontends in the near future. The emulator runs at full speed with no glitches. I tested MetalSlug 1 2 and X (played all missions with no problems).


Key bindings

Key on NeoGeo Key on Pandora
Coin 4
Player 1 1
Reset F1
Screenshot F2
Testmode F3
Show FPS F5
Slowmotion F6
Save F8
Load F9
Autoframeskip F10
Sleep Idle F11
Fullscreen F12
Exit Esc

You need to put the neogeo bios files in the "bios" folder in appdata.

I found this port by pickle (pickle.gp2x.de/gngeo-pnd.zip), but for me, it segfaulted after showing the NEOGEO screen. I had the same issue and solved it by choosing the Emulator cores written in C instead of the ones written in Arm Assembler. I hope i didn't miss an already existing working port and hope you have fun.

Ported Numpty Physics for the Pandora

15 Jun 2010 by man0lis

My Pandora (openpandora.org) finally arrived. Its awesome. So for some learning purposes i ported a game. Here is my Port of Numpty Physics.


I did no optimizations, just cross compiled it and packed a pnd file.


I just build the same code with all ARM NEON ...

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Building a crosscompiler Take 2

22 Mar 2010 by man0lis

The command to build a toolchain, that works with version 2.0.1 of the Motorola Milestone firmware, on gentoo is:

crossdev --kernel 2.6.29 arm-none-linux-gnueabi

(It worked for me)

Like in my first article I tested to build a helloWorld program and the bash shell. The steps needed ...

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Update the Milestone to firmware 2.0.1 with root

14 Feb 2010 by man0lis

Firmware 2.0.1 is out for all versions of the Milestone since about one week. It seems that Motorola did not patch the exploit that allows us to get root. If that was done intentional, its a huge step for freedom. (if not its just business as usual and ...

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Cross compile code for the Motorola Milestone using Gentoo

02 Feb 2010 by man0lis

The toolchain build in this article currently only works with version 2.0 of the Milestone firmware, but I wrote another short article about getting a working toolchain for 2.0.1.

When I first used ConnectBot to get a local shell, I immediately felt some kind of incompleteness. I ...

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HOWTO: Root the Motorola Milestone

19 Jan 2010 by man0lis

Finally: root for the milestone! Today at 00:48 am SeraphimSerapis released a modified update.zip witch roots the 2.0 firmware of the Motorola Milestone. In the following I will document the process for rooting my device. This howto is for the Milestone NOT the droid.

Step 1. Getting ...

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